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Why am i so afraid?

How can one girl long for love yet be so afraid to let her self dive into those complex emotions?

She loves to flirt and tease

Luring the boys into her

But once the boy might even remotely like her she will find faults in him

His personality

Or even his looks.

Maybe she’s just afraid to experience something she’s longed for so long

Scared of being hurt

Scared of giving up her heart, only to be disappointed

The boys find her so easy to love, and so hard to please

Although she is not shy, a part of her is scared of what might happen after the first date.

But why?

im staying home sick from school
this just came across my mind after a conversation i had with my bestest pally wally, so i just started writing
it's nothing great but it's how i feel
i hate hormones.
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