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Be mine.

by Lindsey

Playful smiles, mischievous eyes, blushing cheeks, stumbling words; the start of something new?

Who will dare to make the first move?

The soft brush of a hand, a whisper in the ear, and rising pulses; a longing glint in the eyes of two nervous souls.

The first dance, awkward hands and mellow music, what words will ungraciously slip out of hesitating lips?

A perfect situation, an uncomfortable question, shifting feet, and sweating hands.

A fluttering heart, the mind makes haste, slipping out the word the other’s ears so desperately had hoped to hear.

The second encounter with higher priorities sends emotions to hysteria.

Bashful eyes and kind gestures, observant ears and attentive smiles, set the mood for hopeful hearts yearning to receive the love that they, in turn, have given.

Both souls are left uncertain when final good byes are said, a spark was felt, yet wavering hearts will have to wait.

The third encounter brings confidence and scheming minds.

No longer in dismay, both souls exude their true self, no longer putting on a mask that covers each flaw and discomfort.

With minds somewhat at ease and comfort, buoyant laughter and wide smiles dig deeper into the other’s affection than any plastic personality.

High spirits and paradise set a light mood as the night draws to a close.

Stars of the heavens dance in the eyes of the belle; wondrous desire and enduring lust overflows in the heart of the bloke; a spontaneous action follows, surprising both.

A caring kiss, with ecstasy and bliss, explains deep secrets of the heart better than any written word of man.
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