x_amortentia (x_amortentia) wrote in the_owt,

well well well

what a lovely surprise from my dear Lindsey. the OWT completes me.

It all started last summer, while Megan and I were here in the States, writing away, while our beloved Lindsey was having the adventure of a lifetime in wonderful London. (and we will be forever jealous) We whiled away the time typing away on our keyboards and reading each others' work on dear Radnet, and becoming obsessed with our own stories.i dubbed us the Obsessive Writing Duo, and that very same day (i believe) Lindsey returned from London and made us complete--- The Obsessive Writing Trio.

therefore, our birthday is August 11, 2005.

We've been going strong for 5 months now. =]

LUFF & FLUFF from The Founder


PS. i'm making a nifty banner for us yayy.
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